Ferrofluid Model

Coloured Model

This exhibition showcases the captivating power of generative design. Here, I invite you to witness the revelation of the fine line between unseen processes and our perception of insomnia through a mesmerising display of abstract images inspired by Ferrofluid Art.

Interrupted mind

This model aimed to investigate the potential of hybrid media in promoting innovative communication methods within the realm of creative practice research. The primary advantage of this model lies in its capacity to facilitate fluid and dynamic communication channels using the MUSE headband in conjunction with TouchDesigner software. This combination enhances our understanding of insomnia through abstract patterns. The outcomes of this model can be analysed based on colours and shapes. Green and red hues represent the presence of Beta and Gamma waves, respectively. Patterns associated with relaxed or disrupted sleep can be inferred from the shapes present. The state of mind in this model is represented by the number of patterns, with fewer patterns suggesting interrupted sleep or insomnia.

Monochrome Model

This model aims to explore a visually minimalist approach to depicting insomnia. The approach involves the remediation of analogue signals into digital representations through the conversion of brain activities into visual imagery. By adopting this method, the model seeks to visually capture the elusive traces of brain activity during episodes of insomnia. The rationale behind this approach is to provide a novel means of visualising the intricate and often enigmatic nature of insomnia, shedding light on a condition that has long been elusive to traditional modes of representation.