Sound of Insomnia

Sonifying Insomnia

An abstract approach was adopted to represent insomnia through sound, creating sound stimuli that mirror the individual experience of each wave. I pre-composed these sounds using an electric guitar, representing my personal understanding of each signal's impact on my sleep cycle. Predominantly, each sample utilises the B minor scale, a choice driven solely by personal preference.

Sound Design Guideline

During this stage, a comprehensive understanding of the signals' behavior was attained through empirical research. To facilitate this process, the Mind Monitor Application offered a free MS Excel Macro that generated a visual chart of the recorded data. Upon examining the recorded data derived from the Mind Monitor application, a recording from December 2022 was selected as sample file, as I was aware of undergoing a deep sleep cycle during that experiment. By analysing the amplitude of each wave in a section of the data that exhibited a higher concentration of alpha and theta waves, a soundscape was created to accompany the data.