Radar Model

Line Model

The Line is the initial version of Radar Model, symmetrical lines are generated through a feedback loop established in TouchDesigner. These lines are formed by individual spheres that are replicated according to the input value of Alpha waves and rotate based on the Gamma values transmitted via BCI (Muse Headband).

The Radar model is generated entirely through TouchDesigner and brainwaves, presents difficulties correlating events with related data. The underlying reason for this difficulty may be the feedback loop that results in layering images and obscuring visual identifiers. Although, upon analysing various visualisations generated by this model, it can be hypothesised that the positioning and dispersion of the visualisations are significantly influenced by Gamma and Beta waves, given their role as position variables within the Geo operator. However, it is important to note that a definitive confirmation cannot be made at this point, as the Alpha waves in the system have been amplified using a noise function. That is to say, the work is an expression via an assemblage of sleep data as medium, not an objective representation of data.

Radiant Model

Similar to the first version, the second iteration (Radiant model) includes adjustments to the rotation and dispersion of the object, in order to achieve a more unified circular shape. The objective of this modification is to make it easier to interpret sleep quality based on the growth rate of the inner circle. However, due to the complexity of the data, achieving a fully comprehensive analysis of this model remains an ongoing endeavour.